Rare Coin Guide

6 Tips for Making Smart, Profitable Acquisitions


Choose quality over quantity.

The value of a few high-quality rare coins will far surpass the value of lower-quality coins in greater numbers — especially if those high-quality coins comprise a complete set.


Look for low survival rates.

According to the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), coin issues with the fewest coins in existence are the most scarce. Scarcity creates ongoing demand and keeps coin values high regardless of economic conditions.


Target “sleepers” and “stoppers.”

Sleepers are rare coins considered to be undervalued in terms of their relative rarity. Stoppers are the coins that have historically presented the greatest difficulty in completing a set. Acquire either and the potential return will be tremendous.


Get experienced professionals working for you.

Unlike bullion coins that are bought in bulk, rare coins must be carefully chosen on a one-by-one basis, and this requires a highly trained eye to spot opportunities. Don’t go it alone.


Buy certified only.

Insist on purchasing rare coins that have been graded, certified and “slabbed” (sealed in a plastic case) by either PCGS or NGC. This not only ensures quality and authenticity, but it also enhances a rare coin’s value and makes it easier to sell.


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